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St Patricks Day

and so.... it's St Patrick's Day....
I woke up this morning in a creative mood but with no direction.....
what to do?
I have a luxurious 'day off' ahead of me and don't want to waste it!....
so I'm ensconsced in my favourite spot with a steaming bowl of porridge (yum!),
listening to Symphony No.2 in E minor Opus 27 by Rachmaninov 
on Classic FM on at full volume,
notebooks, novels I'm reading (and yes I have a few on the go),
my laptop, an email from my Writer's Group with writing prompts,
my bible and my well used copy of Artist's Way...oh and recipe books to think about what to cook for dinner!!!
You can see why I have a direction problem!!
My head is full of thoughts and ideas so maybe the best way is to just pick one and run with it....
My Lenten study group has been reading and discussing Samuel Wells's book: Power & Passion
looking at some of the characters in the Easter story
Last Sunday we looked at Mrs Pilate!
So how did Mrs Pilate get into the story?
There seems to be only one verse in the bible that mentions her. (Matthew 27:19)
Why was she mentioned? What significance does her part have in the story?
I am no theology student not even a DEEP thinker...but I am a thinker.
I'd love to ask her some questions and make some assumptions but doubt I'll get any answers...

Mrs Pilate......I wonder what your name is?
I think I'll call you.....Claudia....if that's ok?
I'm full of questions!
Did you like living in Jerusalem so far from your home and family?
What was your husband like?
Was he weak? Was he powerful?
Did he feel overwhelmed that terrible day?
I'm often torn when I think about him.
Sometimes I feel sorry for him thinking that he really did try not to judge Jesus
At other times I feel like he was weak when he should have used his power
He was powerful and yet powerless at the same time!
He gave his power away to the people!
So the people became powerful and yet were powerless!
But I'm getting ahead of myself..
Let's get to the big Q...
What on earth was your dream about that it made you suffer so much!!??
Was it a dream?  Was it a vision?
What did you see that frightened you so?
I guess there would have been rumours rife in the city about who this man was or claimed to be!
Did you hear about them?
Did your dream explode the speculation and lies apart so you saw the truth - plain and simple?
And did the truth bring you to your knees?
I wonder if you were given an insight into who this innocent man really was?
....the son of God....
and then I wonder what went through your mind?
Did it go something like this?

"Claudia woke with a jolt.....heart pounding....with panic flowing through every part of her body.  
She was sweating and felt like she had been wrestling all night.  
She was physically exhausted!
She lay there for a moment trying to control her breathing, knowing that if she tried to get up, she would probably pass out!  
She had never experienced anything like it before!
The dream!  Was it real? Did it really happen?
It was almost too terrible to comprehend!  
She knew she had to speak to her husband at once!  
But he was sitting in the judgment seat already!  
Was it too late?
 In those few moments, her thoughts began to form into a kind of order rather than the tornado they had first been when she woke.  
IF her dream was true....then...
...the enormity of it all hit her like a knife through the heart....
if this man Jesus was really the son of God
if he was really the King of the Jews
if he was really the one true God
she felt like she was going to be sick....
her husband was about to sentence an innocent man to death
but not just an innocent man...
This wasn't good, this wasn't good at all!
In fact it was catastrophic!
She screamed for her servant girl as she began to formulate the message she needed to send to Pilate!
Her hands trembled violently as she tried to keep the ink on the papyrus
After several attempts she had written:

Pilate!  Don't have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.

After the message had been dispatched, Claudia sank back onto her bed and began to weep uncontrollably.

I wonder.....?