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Last Sunday when I woke up,
the little weather icon on my phone had
a big bright 'sunny day' sun showing it was going to be a lovely day.  
I love those 'sunny day' suns!
 They don't appear very often on my weather icon for Belfast.  
It's so much easier to get out of bed on a sunny day. 
I walked to church and it was so peaceful walking along and listening to the birds sing.
I really do think Spring is on the way!

The service that morning was a reflective time with readings and music about Passion Sunday
...looking at the palm branches, the cup, the nails, the pieces of silver and the robe & crown of thorns....
  At the end of the service, I just felt incredibly sad!
And in awe of the sacrifice that Jesus made.....FOR ME!!!
Everyone else seemed to chatty and happy but all I wanted to do was just sit and cry!

As the day went on and I started to prepare for my Lenten study that afternoon, my sadness increased!
We were looking at PETER!
What did he think when Jesus said he was going to be the rock on which the church was built?
Did he feel the sense of history......a moment in time?
Did he understand what it meant?
Did he REALLY get who Jesus was?  And what he was asking of him?

And I don't think I'd ever got the link between Peter denying Jesus three times and Jesus asking him three times....
..."Peter, do you love me....?"

Tomorrow, I'll be setting up the chapel at BCM as an Easter Prayer Room ready for Holy Week
I love this time of year!
I am ALWAYS challenged,
ALWAYS humbled and in awe by what Jesus did for me and 
ALWAYS ashamed of where I might have fitted in the story!

I cannot express how thankful I am for your sacrifice God!