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a sunny day out in hillsborough!

morris, me and sam

when you have a sunny day in belfast....it's like something precious...to be savoured and treasured!!
coz it doesn't happen very often!
i find myself closing my eyes and turning my face to the sun and soaking it all up!!

sam, morris and benjamin came up from dublin and met richard, zoe and i in hillsborough
oh and archie and toby came too!
we had lunch in a little cafe in the main street out on the balcony
we'd left the pups tied up out the front but they didn't like being left alone so we smuggled them out the back and tied them up at the bottom of the stairs so they could see and they were happy as anything!!...sneaky! :)

after lunch, zoe headed off to salto to work for a couple of hours coaching a little visiting group from the country somewhere
and the rest of us headed into the park at hillsborough to walk around the lake
the pups loved it!!
i was very proud of them because they ACTUALLY managed to do their business in the "dog fouling enclosure"!!
can you believe it?
they actually have a "dog fouling area" haha!

the lake and forest park were lovely and we even found a swan sitting on her nest in the water!!

it's benjamin's birthday, so i made him a "mississippi mud cake" for him
and we had that after our dinner

here's morris, me, sammie and benjamin...and the pups:
morris, me, sammie, benjamin and the pups!
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