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“Today you are You, that is truer than true....

."Today you are YOU, that is truer than true......There is no one alive who is You-er than You.”  Dr Suess

Today in church we were asked,
"Who do you think YOU are?"
It's a good question to ask yourself!
Who am I?  Am I a wife?  Am I a mother?
Am I a friend or a sister?
Am I a child of God?
Am I a Christian?
What kind of YOU are YOU?

I am ALL of those things....but sometimes I don't think I'm very good at being ANY of those things.
That's when I try and remember how God sees me!
Despite the things I've done....I AM LOVED!

A few years ago I wrote this:

BE WHO...? BE ME...?
Who am I?  Who cares?

I fall on my knees -

At the foot of the stairs.


The tears fall so freely,

There's no energy left....

Not even to climb -

I feel so bereft.


I need an identity,

A purpose to life.

Not somebody's daughter or -

Mother....or wife...


In my despair,

In my yelling and weeping,

...just ever so gently -

God's Spirit is sweeping.


His presence is calming,

I don't feel the same and

I realise with clarity -

He has called me by name!


He knows me by name!!

I know who I am!!

I'm a child of the Father -

My brother's 'The Lamb'.


He has known me and loved me,

Since before I was born,

A comforter, a guider -

A presence to warn.


He calls me to BE....

Be...loved and real,

To face life with honesty -

Openness and zeal.


Now, this can be hurtful

And risky at best but

I must lay down my burden -

And He'll do the rest.


I am vulnerable and open,

I WON'T BE the same,

But, I know who I am...

And He knows me by name...

Yesterday, Richard and I spent the day in Dublin
It was nice catching up with some old friends, walking in Palmerston Park, enjoying the spring flowers and the sunshine. 
Palmerston Park

Spring flowers in Palmerston Park

We met Sam at 2pm after she had finished coaching and we went out for lunch in the sunshine.