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...where does time go?...

I'm going to say this very quietly because I actually can't believe I'm going to say it!!!
I think I'm having fun walking!!!
It's never really been one of my favourite pastimes but with trying to lose some weight and eat healthier, I've been walking more.
Since I last wrote I've had some holidays and we've done a few different walks.
In early May, Richard and walked from Belfast to Lisburn along the tow path.
The walk was 11 miles but I think we ended up walking about 13 or 14 miles that day because we also walked from home to the start of the tow path and after catching the train back to Belfast, we walked home!
Let's just say, we were both hobbling like 90 year olds the next day! 
But we had fun!
Here's a couple of pics of the day...


It was a perfect day for walking.
Cool and cloudy!

Since then we've done some more walks.
We caught the train from Belfast to Larne and walked out to where the ferries come in.
This was a round tower that overlooks the harbour in Larne.