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Darren John

You came into my world 40 years ago.
Even as I write this, I nearly choke on my cup of tea.
I was 10 years old and you were a mop of orange sprouting from the shawl you were wrapped in as you arrived in a Cessna.
I wasn't impressed!
You were a boy!
I had a perfectly good girls name chosen for the sister I was expecting but.....you were a boy!
What could I do with a brother?
I already had one of those.
(Who I love dearly I might add)
But within minutes of being introduced, you stole my heart.
You slipped in there and wrapped me tight round your little finger.
With your face full of cheeky smiles and freckles you led me on an adventure through childhood again.....frogs and worms.....collections of stones.....kittens, mischief.....and backyard cricket.
You were eternally curious and really smart!
I loved that you knew stuff!
Random stuff!
Really random stuff!
Nothing's changed really :o)
Of course we had our moments.
We knew how to press each others buttons and I do remember having some almighty rows.
It usually started with me being bossy!
(Sorry about that but I was the big sister)
Then everything kicked off when you said, "No!"
And, "You're not the boss of me!"
Ahhh fun times....memories hey?
When you were a teenager, and I had my own girls, they loved their Uncle Darren.
You had a very special relationship then, and you still do.
I've loved watching you grow into an amazing man, husband and father.
You make me laugh!
You get me!
And I love the relationship we have.
I know I could tell you anything and you wouldn't judge me.
So even though we don't see each other every day, you are so important to me.
So you've made it to 40!
It's a pretty good place to be.
Be comfortable in your own skin.
Be kind to yourself.
Cherish your wife.
Play with your kids.
Create space in your day to think, dream and be still.
Happy Birthday Darren
I love you!