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A Car Show (from a Wife's Perspective!)

There are some days you draw the line and say, "See ya, you're on your own with this one! You'll find me in the coffee shop!"
There are other days, just because you love them....you put your wellies on, stuff your sensible rain-jacket pockets with chocolates to survive the day, jam your woolly cap on your head to stop the rain making your hair go frizzy and you go with them....
Sunday at the Terenure Car Show in Dublin was one of those latter days!

We sat in the car park for a good while waiting for a downpour to pass....."any minute now" says my beloved. Then trying to cover all weather bases I drag myself out of the car wearing a woolly cap, rain jacket, leggings, see-through umbrella (cos you can look through it and stay extra dry)... and sensible walking shoes!
I looked like a hobo! And no....you don't get to see a pic of me!...only what I saw through my amazing see-through umbrella. :)


As we headed for the gate, it had started to dawn on me that I really wasn't rocking the cool and sophisticated look.... when I spied her. Hanging off the arm of a ridiculously cool car enthusiast guy....she had flowing hair, biker jacket, chic sunglasses and.....heels!
What?! Are you serious?
HOW are you not drenched with bedraggled hair and sinking into the soft muddy grass?

It was then I decided...if you can't beat them....join them!
So I whipped out the iPhone and started to take pics of the cars that I liked.
Here's my version of the day:

I know this....I've got this....wait, don't tell me....its a "Jag"!!
Oh right...it says it on the sign...

I'm sorry, this is screaming "Wacky Races" at me....remember Dastardly's catchphrases?
"Drat!!! Drat!!! And Double Drat!!!"

Cruella deVil's car...that's all!

Those are some big sunnies right there...not sure they take off fashion-wise!

Awww cutie...its yellow....and it has a smiley face! :)

Looking pretty damn good for 96 years old lady! (Cars are "shes" right?) And not a walking stick in sight.....

Now this is what I call caravanning on a budget! Or...caravanning for one! Awesome!....

Michael J. Fox...you were my secret crush...the famous DeLorean from Back to the Future...see...I knew that! :)

OK I get that its a 4wd...coming to a show THAT dirty is just showing off!

Oooooh shiny!....my favourite colour...

These are just a few of the millions of photos taken by "us budding car enthusiasts".
We ended the day sitting on the grass in the blazing sun, (fickle Irish weather!) and then were treated to an amazing BBQ!

Thanks Epsteins!



Terenure Car Show...

Excellent article, well written incisive & a very true comment on the enjoyable Terenure classic car show 2014...

Re: Terenure Car Show...

Why thank you!
Despite the weather - it was a fun day :)


Terenure Car Show

Wendy, as man who only had eyes for the 1,300 cars on the day this really made me smile!
The weather picked up as the day went on and it was much more conducive to female friendly activities such as sun bathing, picnicing and posing beside the shiny automotive accessories as the men rummaged through the oily bits under the bonnets.
Thanks! I do secretly enjoy those days but lets not tell anyone :)