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The Quest Is Over!

I've been on a quest for many years!
What's my quest?
To be graceful....and sophisticated....and cool....
I know it will surprise you all to know that I'm none of these things but a girl can dream right?
But even being the dreamer that I am, I think I have finally come to the conclusion my quest is futile.

My epiphany came when I was driving home from work last Thursday.
It was a warm, muggy and damp afternoon so when I squeezed into my car so my door didn't touch the car next to mine (trying to look sophisticated while doing so), I wound down the windows.
Turned on the ignition and the fabulous Stephen Fry started reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkerban to me through the speakers (the ultimate in coolness).
Pulled up at the lights with my arm out the window (in a very sophisticated way of course) then realised that Stephen Fry's volume was up so loud that drivers had started to notice and turn their heads.
Feeling suddenly self-conscious but still completely absorbed in the story he was reading me.....rather than turn the volume down I decided to put the windows up!

Why? I'll never know because in my effort to still listen to the story AND put the electric window up, I left my arm out the car window.
I could feel the window rising up but I DIDN'T MOVE MY ARM!!
Next thing I knew my arm was jammed by the window at the top.
Blinded by pain, I started pressing buttons in a mad attempt to release my arm but realised I had only succeeded in moving the opposite window up and down.
Realising my mistake I pressed the only other button I could see but.... I pressed it the wrong way!!!....resulting in my arm being jammed even more!!
What am I? An idiot?
Don't answer that.

Finally I found the right button and pressed it the right way and released my arm.
I then spent the rest of my time sitting at those lights:
1. Avoiding looking at any of the other drivers who were probably saying to themselves, "Man! That's gotta hurt! Haha!"
2. Pretending that my throbbing arm didn't hurt a bit and forcing my face into a picture of serenity.
3. Trying to rewind to where I lost track of Stephen Fry's dulcet tones.

And that folks....is when I realised I should give up "the Quest".
There's nothing for it but to be.....clumsy, unsophisticated...and as one of my daughters called me....unique!!




Bahahaha!! Sophistication is so overrated - I tried it myself once & found it to be a trifle boring!!
Be just who God made you to be....heaven knows we could do with more laughter on this earth! (And I don't mean @ your expense) xoxo SKS