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The Word....

"A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day." - Emily Dickinson

There are some almost unanswerable questions that are just lovely to think deeply about....to mull and chew deliciously over....to wonder loudly to no-one in particular.
A little insignificant human being did this today.
Among the clouds.
At 30,000 feet.
From Dublin to New York.
Sun streaming through the window.
Sitting above the world....just wondering....

Where do words come from?
Where do they go?
Where do they dwell?

We store them in Dictionaries and books.
They fill our dreams and our waking moments.
Our today thoughts and our yesterday memories.
They are passed on to others in conversation and story.

They are created and formed with or without thought.
We think them.
We speak them.
We write them.
We read them.
We listen to them.

So many words....how do we speak them?
How do we hear them?
What kind of words can they be?

When they leave us, do they leave in a hurry?
Not stopping to think before they trip over each other to climb our lips - gone forever - smashing head long, one after another into the person beside us or in front of us.
Hurting and wounding and ripping into hearts and souls...as we try too late .... to mop up the mess with clumsiness.
Where do they go?
Do they make their home with the wounded and get filed in a memory?
Or do they spill over from the wounded, slightly altered but full of the same venom to the next person?

Or maybe when they leave us their target is absent. So they form as rumour and lies or secrets that were never meant to be told - so are passed slyly from one face to another face conspiratorially with no honour.
Shame and guilt start to rise in our hearts but we can't help ourselves and it's too late anyway.
Where did they go?
These words have started a journey that will race like wildfire and may have no end.

But there are also words that have their source in healing and nurture and encouragement and affirmation.
These words are birthed in the core of our souls where our image reflects God the clearest.
There is no age limit.
You hear them when a three year old says, "Don't cry Mummy" or "I love your wrinkles Nanny" and strokes your face.
We hear them when a Daddy says, "I'm proud of you!"
We hear them when we speak forgiveness instead of revenge and retaliation.
When we whisper to someone, "I believe in you!" when they don't.
When we tell someone, "You inspire me to be a better person!" because they do!
And when we say...."I'm sorry....."

But there is one Word that is above all others!
This Word is incomprehensible.
The Word was, is and always will be....the Word!
The Word has always been and will always be.
The Word was with God and WAS God!
Everything came into being through the Word.
That Word became flesh......and came among us.
But we didn't recognise the Word so we showed rejection.
The Word came to save us but we couldn't see.

But some people did see....
Some people recognised the Light and Power and Grace of God.
In a tiny vulnerable human baby.
All the power of The Word in a baby.
A gift.
A saving gift.

What will you do with your words today?



What a way you have with words. Inspiring words. Thank you