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happy or sad ... i'm confused!

Writing in blue today coz that's how I'm feeling... well kinda anyway!
I've always brought up my kids (hopefully) to be independent, happy, well adjusted human beings, ready to take on and live in the world as we know it but to know they will always have a safe haven if they ever want or need it.
And I always thought I would be ready to let go when the time came.
But the more I've thought about this, the more I've come to realise that from the moment your children are born, you have to start letting go and it doesn't get easier as they get older....it gets harder!!!
This year my Bethany has had to live away in Dublin while we are in Belfast.
And today my Sam left to go to Dublin then on to Australia for 3 months.
I definitely feel like I have underestimated the bond between a mother and her child.
On the flip side of all this - I couldn't be more proud of the young women they have become.
My Zoe is in France competing for Ireland at the European Gymnastics Championships.
She competed today on bars, vault and beam and had a good day,
No falls! And had the highest score out of the Irish team on beam and  came2nd on the others
Well done baby!